10+ Halloween Ideas Kids Love

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With Halloween coming up fast I wanted to do my next 10 Things Kids Love post on it.  Here is a great collection of ideas kids love for Halloween.  Hope you find one fun idea for you and your family.  I know I see some I can’t wait to try.
10 Halloween Ideas Kids Love

10+ Halloween Ideas Kids Love

1.  Colored & Glittered Pasta Pumpkins for Halloween from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas is a fun and colorful craft for you and the kids.

2.  Pumpkin Golf Halloween Games  from Growing a Jeweled Rose is a creative way to enjoy a fun game with the kids.

3.  Halloween Lunchbox Jokes/Notes  from All for the Boys is a “funny” way to enjoy the holiday with the kids.

4.  The Colored Ghost Story  from Time for Play is so cute and a great way to spend time with the kids.

 5.  DIY Recycled Ghost/Pumpkin Lanterns  from Momma’s Fun World is a great idea to make decorations and recycle.
6.  Messy play Halloween yarn pumpkins  from NurtureStore are just darling and look like lots of fun to make with the kids.
7.  {Play} Painted Pumpkins  from Outlaw Mom is a wonderful idea we also have done before.  I know kids love having the freedom to create their own decorated pumpkin.

8.  DIY Halloween Count Down Calender from KC Adventures is such a creative and fun way to count down to the big day.

9.  Trick or Treat Sensory Noodle Play from FSPDT(us) my son loved the scent, feel, and sight of these fun noodles to play in.  He served up some fun creations.
10.  Candy Bones from FSPDT  these were so easy to make and fun to eat.  A great Halloween treat.
Here are even more ideas to check out:
I can’t wait to try some of these fun ideas.  And for the ideas we have done, we loved them.  We hope you and your family can find a fun idea here to enjoy together.
                         10 Halloween Ideas Kids Love
Another great round up to check out: 
Skeleton Round Up  by All Done Monkey
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    I hope you can enjoy this with your family too!
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