10 Ideas For Chalkboard Paint Kids Love

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I love chalkboard paint!  “Why?” you may ask.  Because you can take almost any average surface and turn it into a sensational one!  My experiences with chalkboard paint have been pretty good so far turning everyday surfaces into chalkboards for decoration and play.  Since my kids love to get the chalk out they are always more than happy to test out my latest experiment with the paint.  I have noticed I am not the only chalkboard paint crazed person out here.  I have searched the web and my blog archives to bring you 10 Ideas For chalkboard Paint Kids Love.  Perfect for this weeks new 10 Things Kids Love.  Hope you find a few fun ideas.
10+ Ideas For Chalkboard Paint Kids Love

10 Ideas For Chalkboard Paint Kids Love

All of these fun ideas could also make great gifts for Christmas and birthdays!

Chalkboard Toys by B-Inspired Mama
DIY Chalkboard Book by The Chirping Moms
DIY Chalkboard with homemade paint by Powerful Mothering 
Chalkboard Painted Blocks by Playful Learners
Chalkboard Painted Lunch Box by Dukes and Duchesses
Chalkboard Painted Table – 
I have seen these everywhere.  All you need is chalkboard paint and a table.  Paint the table.  Once dry, let the kids loose with some chalk.  Here is a photo of one from a children’s museum we visited. This one was extra cool.  It was a brick base and a table top added. Then, of course, it had chalkboard paint added.  I have been looking for a small wooden table to paint for my boys.
Chalkboard Painted Outside Storage Box by FSPDT
I have not decided if I will write an individual post on this but since we do not have a chalk table I made the boys an outside chalkboard out of our storage box.  All I did was buy the can of chalkboard paint from Lowes and applied a few coats to it.  Now the kids love it and color all over it often as you can tell. 
Chalkboard Necklace by Green Owl Art
Chalkboard Tray by Craftulate-  This is great if you don’t want to paint.  Did you know that you can purchase chalkboard contact paper?!
Re-Purposed Chalkboard Table by Creative Playhouse
If you have a post using chalkboard paint feel free to leave it in the comment section.  I love seeing all the fun ways it can be used.

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