Family Photo Session Tips- capturing family memories

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We are soon to be expecting a new baby boy into our family.  We are all excited and a bit nervous for all  the changes to come.  I haven’t been feeling well so he may be here sooner then later.  Baby boy is doing great and weighed in a 6.5 lbs last week during ultrasound:-)  My oldest keeps saying he can’t wait to meet him and of course my youngest has no idea what is in store for him.  Since our family is getting ready to go through a positive change we wanted to capture our family as it is now.  Also, to capture and celebrate the pregnancy that will soon give us a new little person to hold dear to our hearts.  A great way to do this is with a family photo session.  Here are the tips I try to follow when we do a photo session.

 My tips for a successful family photo session:

*Pick a time of day the kids are well rested and fed.  For us it is early am.

*Get the kids dressed at the last minute.  I take a change of clothes for them and me sometimes in case something happens.

*Bring treats.  Sometimes its ok to bribe the kids:-)
*Try and make the session fun.  Let the kids talk and laugh with you.  We had a great photographer that talked and laughed with the kids too.

*Bring props: toys, dress up clothes, wands, swords, hats, wagons…  Something the kids can play with and keep them happy.  Capture the kids as themselves in the pictures.  They can also have something to do when they are not in the picture being taken.

*Take snacks in case they get hungry.  It can’t hurt to have them.

*Don’t drag out the session.  Know what you want and talk to the photographer before you get started.  When the kids are tired of taking pictures let them take a break or if you have enough poses already call it quits.  For us we try and do all the pictures with the kids first and then any pictures my husband and I want we do last.

So far these tips have worked for us.  Our sessions are never perfect but going with the flow and trying not to stress have helped me and my family during our sessions.  Here are a few of our captured memories(pictures) that we got from this family session.  Memories of our family now that we get to keep a lifetime.

Family Photo Session Tips- capturing family memories
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