How to Make: White Glitter Playdough Recipe

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I am sharing with you my favorite playdough recipe.  I make almost all my playdough this way because it  seems to be the easiest to add extra things to (food coloring, scents…)  when making and it keeps the best.   I have yet to be disappointed with it and hope you can enjoy this white glitter playdough recipe as well.

How to Make: White Glitter Playdough Recipe

                             How to Make: White Glitter Playdough

What you need: 

1 1/2 c cornstarch, 1/2 c flour, 2 c water, 2 tsp cream of tarter, 1 c salt, 1 Tbs oil.   Sauce pan, measuring cups, mixing spoon, and wax paper. Glitter!

How to Make: White Glitter Playdough

What to do: 

Put all dry ingredients in sauce pan and then add water and oil.  Cook over med high heat.  Continue to stir while cooking.  After about 5 minutes roughly it should start to clump.  Keep stirring every few minutes.  The playdough will start getting sticky fast at this point stir continuously.  The playdough always sticks to my spoon as I am stirring and when it looks like playdough remove from the pan.  I place mine on wax paper to cool.  Let cool at least 30 minutes before kneading.  Once the playdough has cooled separate into as many pieces as you want to make glitter colors for.  We did 4 separate balls of white playdough.  We kept one white.  The other 3 I placed on to paper plates.  I had my son pick out 3 glitter colors he wanted to use.  We then flattened the playdough on the plate and sprinkled glitter on.  Last my son mashed the playdough to mix in the glitter.  As he moved on to the next color I went behind him and gave the playdough a kneading.  We both had fun making the playdough but we always have more fun playing with it.  

FYI:  you could just add the glitter to the playdough while cooking if you want just one color. 

How to Make: White Glitter Playdough Recipe

We have been having fun playing & creating with our playdough. We made snowmen is our playdough.  What would you create with yours?

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Snowman Busy Bag

Snowman Busy Bag

Hope you can enjoy this with your family too,


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