Winter Bath for Kids-easy yet so much fun

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bath activities 
Winter Bath for Kids

I found these foam snowflakes at Target and knew I would use them for a winter bath.  I got 10 foam snowflakes for a $1.  I love to have fun with my kids but I love it more when it’s cheap.  You could cut snowflakes out of foam sheets you can buy at dollar stores.  Now, I had to decide what else to use in the bath.  I chose to fill sauce bottles with blue food coloring, peppermint scent, and water.  Then I made puffy peppermint paint for them.  To do this add 1/2 c flour, 1/2 c salt, and water together and mix.  Also add peppermint extract.  

Now all I had to do was set up the tub.  I wet the foam snowflakes and stuck them to the side of the tub.  Then I sat the colored water and paint in the center of the tub for them to play.  Both the boys had lots of messy fun in their winter bath. When they were through we washed it out.  Then we filled the tub with water and added blue fizzy tabs, which we get at walmart, to the water and a little peppermint scent.  I bathed them and they continued to play with the snowflakes for a while before they got out.  My kids are 1.5yr and 4yr and both had a good time.  We hope your kids can have fun too in a winter bath.

bath activities

Scented puffy paint & colored water for play.

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I am happy to be taking part in the Winter Wonderland Blog Hop today.  If you want more fab ideas on how to get through the winter blues check out the creator( The Iowa Farmer’s Wife) landing page here with the list.  It started Jan. 13th and goes to Feb. 13th.


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