Apple Cars Fun Kid Snack

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Apple Cars fun kid snack idea!   How fun to turn some fruit into a car.  Easy and fun snacks are a hit over here at my house.  Apples happen to be a favorite fruit too.  I could not wait to see the boy’s faces when they saw their Car Apple Snack!

Apple Cars fun kid snack


Apple Cars fun kid snack

Ingredients/What I used:

Apple cut up- peel or no peel it’s up to you, peanut butter, and cut up grapes.  (If you want to add a sweet treat try adding m&ms as the wheels)

Apple cars

What to do/ how to make apple cars:  

Take the cut up apple and grapes put peanut butter in between and place in the four corners of the apple.  Now you have a car.  All  that is left is to enjoy your snack. My oldest and I ate these today!  The little guy ate them up so fast.  He just loved this simple snack idea. 

Apple Cars fun kid snack
The boys just loved the apple cars!  It has been a big hit at our house more than once since we first made them.  We love trying new fun and yummy treats.  Hope you can too.

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    I hope you can enjoy this with your family too!
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