Baby Sensory Tray

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Since I started blogging when little brother was so close to being a tot I do not have tons of baby play posts.  Although, many of my early toddler activities are baby friendly too.  Once baby brother arrived I told myself I would now add baby play posts.  Well, I think I have 2 published. So what better time than now to share a new simple baby play post with all of you.
Baby Sensory Tray

Baby brother is now 9 months so I better hurry and get in a few baby posts while I can.  This is so simple yet perfect for those little ones in our life. 
Baby Sensory Tray
What better than to turn the trays on the highchair into sensory trays.  Lots of fun can be had in one place.
Baby Sensory Tray
this picture just makes me laugh so I had to share it
Baby brother approves of this simple play idea. 
Our set up:  cereal and cars.  Yep that’s it.  2 ingredient play.
Once set up I just let him have fun exploring the cars.  He pushed them around on the tray and tasted one or two.  He was able to start working on fine motor skills by picking up the cereal off the tray to taste it too.  This is also great to promote self feeding.
Baby Sensory Tray
I think his favorite part was the cereal, lol.    Who said playtime had to be complicated.  I often find that simple is best.  This simple baby sensory tray was a big hit with my littlest guy and even both big brothers had to go over and check it out.  
A fun way to introduce sensory play to babies and work on fine motor skills too.
Baby Sensory Tray
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    I hope you can enjoy this with your family too!
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       All kids are different and only you can decide how you let your kids play. And with what materials you let them play with. My children are supervised when playing. Please keep this in mind with any post you read of mine!      
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