Banana Bites- fun kids snack

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kids snack
We love bananas at my house.  But after a while you can only eat so many plain bananas. So I set out to add a little fun to snack time this day with banana bites.  I went looking through the pantry and grabbed out a few things to make our bananas a special treat.  We added in some Curious George books to read when we finished our treat.  We had lots of fun making the banana bites and even more fun eating them.

 Banana Bites- fun kids snack


What I used: 
bananas, chocolate chips, peanut butter, and sprinkles.
What We Did: 
I cut up a banana.  Then I poured choc. chips( I like milk choc. but you can use whatever flavor you like) into a glass bowl and microwaved until melted.  I then put some peanut butter in a bowl and some sprinkles in another bowl.  Now I set it all out on the table and had the boys come join me.  We scooped peanut butter on the bananas and then dipped them in chocolate   Last we added some sprinkles.  My intentions were to let them harden in the fridge but the boys were so eager to eat them only a few made it to the fridge.  The banana bites ended up tasting great both ways.  This did get a little messy so having a few wet wipes out may be helpful.
kids snack

A little peek into our fun we had while making banana bites.  Hope you have some fun with this too.



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