Cat Scissor Skills Craft

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My oldest loves crafts that involve cutting up paper.  I have been trying to come up with more ideas for him to be able to work on his scissor skills and have fun.  That is what I did with this craft idea for a cat. I created a cat scissor skills craft for him this day.  Great for working on those tiny hand muscles and hand eye coordination.  It also turned out so cute.  A fun way for him to keep busy and me to get a few things done. 


Cat Scissor Skills Craft


What we used/ supplies:  

black construction paper,


green construction paper,


pink construction paper,


pink pom pom,






paper plate.



How to Make a Scissor Skills Cat Craft with Kids:  

I gave my son a plate, black pieces of paper and his safety scissors.  While I sat with him cutting his paper I cut out 2 green eyes and a pink mouth piece for him.  When he was through cutting paper he put glue all over his plate!  He loves glue as much as he loves cutting paper.  Now he was ready to put down his cut up pieces of paper on the plate.  Once he was through with that (I helped a little) he glued the eyes, nose, and mouth on.  We decided at the end to cut 2 black pieces of paper for ears and he glued those on the plate.  Now he had a cute cat craft we could hang up ( after drying) to help decorate the house. 

Cutting paper.

Adding glue.

Adding cut up paper.

Adding nose.

We had fun spending time together and creating his cute cat scissor skills craft.  It is now hanging on the front door inside.  He just loves his cat.  A fun way to cut paper and craft all in one.  And great for fine motor skills!

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