Christmas Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

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I love to find easy, yet delicious treat recipes to make during the holidays.  We often make goodie bags for friends, family, and teachers.  Last year we made Christmas Chocolate Popcorn and it was a huge hit with my husband’s co-workers.  Everyone else that got a goodie bag enjoyed it too.  Glad we got the bags out of the house quick or I would have eaten it all.  It is one of those treats that once you start eating it you can not put it down!
Christmas Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

Christmas Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

Christmas Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

Ingredients/What we used:

Almond bark


kettle corn popcorn

wax paper

measuring cup

mixing bowl

Christmas Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

What to do:

Pop popcorn and empty into bowl.  Be sure to check for unpopped kernels.

Christmas Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

Melt almond bark as directions on the package tell you.  Once melted pour it into your bowl of popcorn.

Christmas Chocolate Popcorn Recipe

Take your M&M’S (any kind you like) and add them to the mix.  Mix well but be gentle.  The M&M’s can melt if you press them too hard.

Christmas Chocolate Popcorn Recipe
Pour the mix onto the wax paper you laid out before you started.  Once you have it spread out add holiday sprinkles.  This recipe is great and can be modified for each holiday.  Just add different colored M&M’s and sprinkles.

Last add to fun gift bags or jars.  Now to get rid of it as fast as you can so you do not eat it ALL.

Christmas Chocolate Popcorn Recipe
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