Create A Foam Sheet Banner – the ultimate craft guide

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Craftulate has put together a wonderful series called The Ultimate Guide to 50 Craft Materials. She brought 50 bloggers together to share on a different craft materials to, in the end, give you a wonderful resource to use for tons of awesome craft ideas.  Click the link above and you can follow along as she updates the list daily. 
We use so many different craft supplies at our house that it was hard to pick one to focus on.  I chose Foam Craft Sheets in the end. There are endless ways to use them in crafts and activities.  We just love them.  Today I will be sharing with you how to Create a Foam Sheet Banner with the kids as well as how we put our’s to use.
Create A Foam Sheet Banner by FSPDT

Create A Foam Sheet Banner 


What we used:

foam craft sheets – multi colors

toilet paper rolls

white paint

paper plate


hole punch

What we did:

I divided the foam sheets in half so that both kids got one of each color.  I put white paint on a paper plate.  I also put white paper out on the table so they did not make a big mess.  This paper also came in handy for some extra painting once the foam sheets were finished.  

I demonstrated on one foam sheet that they could make prints on the foam sheet with the toilet paper roll.  We talked about how the toilet paper roll made a circle and talked about all the colors of the foam sheets too. Sneaking in a little learning while crafting. They could not wait to get started on making prints on the foam sheets.

Once they had finished print making all the foam sheets, we left them to dry.  They continued painting on the white paper that was on the table. It was a few days before I came back to finish working on this project.  I got out some fun, multi-colored yarn and a hole punch.  I punched 2 holes in all the foam sheets then I added the yarn to them.  I offered my 5 yr to help me string the foam sheets on the yarn but he declined.  Once I had the yarn in place I hung it up on our fireplace. 
Create A Foam Sheet Banner for a DIY photo booth

This cute and fun foam sheet banner could be used for so many things:  birthday parties, class parties, holiday parties, just for fun to decorate the house, and/or a fun  photo booth.

Create A Foam Sheet Banner for a DIY photo booth

We decided to use it as just for fun decoration to add some color to our house during these dark winter days.  The pop of color just gives the house a happier feel. Just hanging them up as decoration was not enough.  We put them to use in a DIY Photo Both for a little dress up fun one day too. 

Create A Foam Sheet Banner for a DIY photo booth
we even got daddy in there before he left for work.
How I set up the photo booth:
I already had the banner hanging so I added a blanket to the bottom of the fireplace.  If I had not already had the banner hanging I would have gotten a sheet out and hang it up on the fireplace first and then added the banner. Either way it is fun for the kids.
Create A Foam Sheet Banner for a DIY photo booth

I gathered a few props from the dress up bins and placed them on the fireplace.  Now the kids could come have fun trying on glasses, necklaces… and act silly.  I got to snap a few pictures to remember these fun and silly days.

Create A Foam Sheet Banner for a DIY photo booth
This guy here had me laughing the entire time.  He is one silly and full of life little man.  I am glad that this simple set up gave him a fun activity for morning play.  Big brother also enjoyed this later that afternoon when he got home from school. 
As always I hope that you and your kids can enjoy this too. 
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A few favorite ways we have used foam sheets:

Wristbands For Kids

Wristbands For Kids



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