Critter and Cubes- water play

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We love to play in water over here.  It is a great way for both my boys to play at the same time together.  They are 3yr and 1yr and it is hard to find things they both can do together.  That’s part of why we love water play so much.  It is also a great way to cool off during our hot summer.


Critter and cube water play


Critter and Cubes- water play

What I did was set out 3 bowls with different critters- frogs, snakes, and lizards are what we had.  I had ice cubes I froze with food coloring and lemon in the freezer and just pulled a few out.  This added color and scent to our tub of water.  We have a little pool but they love this Rubbermaid i pulled out one day for our tub of balls and bowls activity.  We have been playing with it since.


They enjoyed checking out the critters and cubes.  I think they were wondering what we were going to do now!


They enjoy helping with the hose to fill the tub.  Little brother got his own turn and was in heaven.  Great way to practice team work. 



This is a great sensory play activity.  They also practiced scooping and pouring. 


You can never go wrong with just a water hose.  Both my boys love it!I love that they played together in the hose.  Little brother was the “car wash” and big brother was the “car”. I hope that me and my boys hold these memories in our hearts forever.



They always have to get in the tub!

We had a really fun time out there playing.  I hope you can enjoy some critter and cube fun too.

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