Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Craft

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For the month of May, Craftprojectideas Material of the Month is cupcake liners.  I have yet to craft with them.  This was the perfect time to get them out and try a new kid’s craft creation.  We ended up creating Spotosaurus, the Cupcake Liner Dinosaur.
Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Craft

 Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Craft

Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Craft

What we used:

colored construction paper

spotted cupcake liners

glue stick

and googly eyes gifted to us by craftprojectideas in the past

Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Craft

What we did:

The kids glued the cupcake liner down to the paper.  I then used a sharpie to draw the dinosaurs head, tail, and legs.  

Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Craft
The kids then glued the googly eye on the dinosaurs.
big brothers dinosaur

This was a fun craft to create with the kids.  They were so excited about how they turned out.  The Spotosaurus the Cupcake Liner Dinosaur made it up on the art wall.

little brothers dinosaur

The picture above is my 3 yr.  We made several and some were more product art than others.  I just love how he created his own take on the dino craft.

baby brothers dinosaur we made for him
Fun and simple cupcake liner craft for the kids, just the way we like it.  I hope that you and your kids can have fun with this idea too.  There are so many wonderful crafts with cupcake liners.  What are your favorites?
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    I hope you can enjoy this with your family too!
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