Dino Drop~ fine motor skills

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Today on Play, Craft, and Learn with Dinosaurs is all about Fine Motor Skills.  I set out to make a simple, yet fun activity that all my kids could enjoy.  They are 1 yr, 3 yr, and 5 yr.  The Dino Drop is a fine motor activity they can all have fun with.  It is easy to make and great for working on tiny hand muscles and hand eye coordination.
Dino Drop~ fine motor skills

Dino Drop~ fine motor skills

What we used:

Our Dinosaur letter discs- see how to make here

a cleansing wipe container

orange construction paper


How to make:

Remove label from container.  I used goo be gone.  Hot glue the orange construction paper around the container.  I had to cut a little off the bottom to fit.  Then glue on the printout label.

Dino Drop~ fine motor skills
Now the Dino Drop is ready for use.
Dino Drop~ fine motor skills

Baby brother 1yr, was the first to put it to use.  He was in heaven with all those wooden discs. 

Dino Drop~ fine motor skills

He was taking his time to look them over, exploring the texture and colors on each one.  I also have a 3 yr and 5 yr who are going to love this activity.

Dino Drop~ fine motor skills

Big claps for getting the discs in the container.  For my 1 yr just dropping them in to the container was fun.  It was great to work on his hand muscles and hand-eye coordination.  For my 3 yr we will be able to count and go over colors and letters.  For my 5 yr he will be able to put the letters in order as they should go for the alphabet.  This is a great way to use one general activity for multiple aged kids.

Dino Drop~ fine motor skills
With 3 small kids running around spilling juice and needing lots of hugs all day, easy is key.  This easy fine motor skills activity is perfect for us.  It’s a simple yet fun and great learning tool as well.
Printout I made using Clipart  I purchased  from Jessica Sawyer Designs here
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