DIY Mocha Mud Paint

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I have been waiting to try a new version to “mud” painting with my kids.  We made mud paintings a few years ago with real mud.  Best birthday gift ever.  My mom watched my then baby “baby brother” while me and the older boys played in fresh mud outside on my birthday.  Yes, yes, I am a big kid.  Getting my hands dirty and play side by side with my moms is my dream day.  I even framed our mud handprints as a reminder to PLAY!  Ok, back to the new vision I had.  Mud paint with bugs has been on my list all spring.  It sat there on my list until recent inspiration struck!  Make DIY Mocha Mud Paint for mud paintings with the kids.  I could not wait to whip a batch of homemade paints up for the kids and start painting!  
DIY Mocha Mud Paint

DIY Mocha Mud Paint

DIY Mocha Mud Paint

What I used:

small container

coco powder

coffee grounds


DIY Mocha Mud Paint

What I did:

I love easy!  All I did was empty used coffee grounds from my K-cup (probably a few tablespoons worth of grounds each k-cup).  I used 2 k-cups.  Then added a  heaping tablespoon of cocoa powder.  Added a little water and mixed.  I got the whisk out and used it.  It seemed to mix the cocoa powder up better.

DIY Mocha Mud Paint

Yay!  Now we had a fun new mud sensory paint.  Mocha Mud paint smells amazing!  I could not wait to start painting with the kids.  I had my own ideas for that too.

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    I hope you can enjoy this with your family too!
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       All kids are different and only you can decide how you let your kids play. And with what materials you let them play with. My children are supervised when playing. Please keep this in mind with any post you read of mine!      
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