DIY Music Shaker Instrument

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DIY Music Shaker Instruments are a lot of fun to make with the kids.  No matter what time of the year, a music shaker or noise maker is a great project to make with the kids.  New Year’s just happens to be around the corner for us.  And these DIY Music Shakers would be a great way to ring in the new year with the kids.  The kids just love running around the house with them making music.



DIY music shaker instrument

DIY Music Shaker Instrument




  • almost empty salt containers
  • washi tape
  • foam robot stickers or any stickers of your choice
  • colored paper – we used white and yellow cardstock
  • scissors
  • tape




Directions for DIY Music Shaker Instrument:


To start we peeled off the paper that is around the salt containers.  Next,  I placed the salt container on the paper and taped one edge.  I traced a mark with a pencil on the other end of the paper to show me where to cut off excess paper.



Now add more tape and roll the container in the paper.  Once you have the salt container wrapped add more tape to hold in place.  We used scotch tape for this.




The kids got out the washi tape and taped the pour opening on the salt container. Then they wrapped the washi tape around the now music shaker.  The small amount of leftover salt in the can made the perfect noise or music.




For the music shaker they used the foam stickers on the sealed the top with stickers.  After that they added robot stickers all over it.  If you want to make these for a certain holiday you could add holiday stickers.  Even though we are going to use our’s for  New Years we left our music shakers evergreen so we can use them all year.




Now that the music shakers, or noise maker instruments, were ready the kids could not wait to put them to the test. The kids give them 2 thumbs up!



DIY noise maker or music shaker for kids

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