Picadillo Cuban Recipe
Author: Jaime/Dianne
  • ground beef
  • 1-2 cans tomato sauce- depends on how much ground beef you use.
  • chopped up onion
  • garlic powder
  • adobo seasoning- Goya Adobo Seasoning Without Pepper 28 Ounces
  • olives
  • raisins
  • cabbage
  • olive oil
  1. Place a skillet on the stove. Make sure it has a lid that fits on it. You will need this later. Add a little olive oil to the pan. Put heat on med-high. Add chopped onions and cooked.
  2. Now add ground beef. I take the spatula and chop up the ground beef while it cooks. While the meat is cooking add adobo and garlic powder. The kids had so much fun sprinkling the seasonings. Both my 2yr and 4yr sons were helpers today.
  3. Cook meat until brown. Now strain the meat and onions to remove grease.
  4. Place the meat and onions back on the stove at med-high. Now add the tomato sauce. Little brother was right there to add the sauce.
  5. Now beware my kids fought over who would add the raisins and olives. They both wanted to add them all. We spilt them up and let each do half. So get as many olives and raisin as you like added to the mix.
  6. Chop up some of the cabbage and place it around the dish. See step 6. above. Now this is when the lid to your pan comes in handy. Place the lid on the pan and steam the cabbage.
  7. My grandfather always added Papas Fritas to his dish.
  8. How to make the papa fritas:
  9. Take 3 potatoes and peel. Now take a cheese shredder and shred the potatoes onto a plate. Get a skillet out and add oil (we used canola oil). Turn it to high heat to start. When the grease is hot turn down to med, or med-high. Add the shredded potatoes and fry.
Recipe by FSPDT at http://frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail.com/picadillo-cuban-recipe/