Farm Sensory Bin with Coconut Lime Dough

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My boys love an excuse to get out the farm toys.  They love playing with the tractors and animals.  Even more I think they love to play with the sensory material I add into their playtime.  Recently we did a Frog Themed Sensory Sink and used a little jello.  I had some jello left and had to find a way to use it.  I came up with Coconut Lime Dough.  After making this dough I wanted to set them up a sensory bin.  I had several ideas but not all the items to make them work.  So I decided to go with toys they love .  That is how we ended up with this Coconut Lime Dough Farm Sensory bin.

Farm Sensory Bin with Coconut Lime Dough

farm sensory bin

Supplies/What we used:
Here is the post to tell you how to make the Coconut Lime Dough.
Rubbermaid( ours is one that slides under the bed for storage).
Farm toys ( ours came from wal mart)
Small containers
extra animals
What we did:
Place the sensory dough in the rubbermaid.  Now place the toys in the bin.  Last get the kids!
My boys were so excited to start playing.  They loved the scent and color of the sensory dough.  My oldest was so happy to play with the tractors and little brother loved the pigs.  They both played for close to an hour in their bin.  Once they were done, we decided to try a science experiment with our sensory dough.
What we did:
remove the toys from the sensory bin
get vinegar and droppers out 
What to do:
Ask the kids what they think might happen to the sensory material when the vinegar is added.
Add the vinegar to the sensory dough and see if your guesses were right or did something else happen.
They boys played another 30 min adding vinegar to the sensory dough and watching as it fizzed and bubbled in the bin.
We love to play and learn a little along the way.  A sensory bin is great for that.  Exploring their senses and even getting to try out a little science experiment at the end.
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    I hope you can enjoy this with your family too!
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