Fatherhood Moments

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With Father’s Day right around the corner it has me thinking about some of the sweet fatherhood moments my husband has had with our kids.  From our first born to our last, he has been right there for the births and the first diaper changes.  Now after 3 kids he is still right there helping with homework and teaching them to slide.  I cherish the moments I get to see of him with the kids and look forward to many more through the years.



Fatherhood Moments


Fatherhood Moments


  Dove Men+Care recognizes that showing care is a sign of a man’s real strength. I love that. Starting this Father’s Day, new dads will receive a Dove Men+Care “Dad Care Package” in select hospitals across the country. Did you know that men today (82%) believe having a child changes the way they think about what it means to be a man?  I see this in my husband.  Now having 3 boys looking up to him, he wants to be a good, caring role model for them.  Not tough guy all the time.  The new Dove Men+Care “First Fatherhood Moments” film shows real men finding out they are going to be a dad and how much the emotional entry into parenthood has evolved.  I just loved watching this video. Also Dove Men+Care’s series of open Letters “To All Dads” will further capture the experiences, strength and genuine words of support fellow dads want to pass on to new fathers across the country as they enter parenthood.  After watching these dads, I picked out some photos with my husband in his Fatherhood Moments.   IMG_0328 Daddy teaching our youngest to slide on his own. IMG_0035 My husband and our oldest (now 6yr) on one of his first beach trips. baby Daddy holding his second born and introducing him to big brother. So many precious moments to cherish. What some men are saying these days:

      • 88% of men globally agree that taking care of the needs of their family makes them feel strong.



    •  91% of men feel it is more important to possess emotional strength versus wealth or physical strength.



    •  86% of men agree that the concept of masculinity has changed since their father’s generation.



    •  96% of men said it is important to be a caring father.



    • Men today (82%) believe having a child changes the way they think about what it means to be a man.


    Walk with Me Daddy I think a Dove Men+Care “Dad Care Package” is not only an amazing idea for new fathers but making one with the kids as a Father’s Day gift could be great too.  I think we will being doing this for my husband this year to let him know we want him to take care of himself too.  We appreciate all he does for us and want to spoil him with some of his favorite products. I would love for you to share your fatherhood stores of #RealStrength. To find out more about the “First Fatherhood Moments campaign” visit www.DoveMenCare.com Follow Dove Men+Care on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  

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