Flour paint-we used in tub

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This site http://www.bowerpowerblog.com/2011/07/michaelango-his-two-muses/ used flour paint on paper but we tried in out in the tub.  I would like to try it on paper another day.  I like that both my boys(1yr and 3yr) could enjoy this activity together.  My oldest has used homemade finger paint in the tube before and pudding.  He loves them all, more mess the better for him,haha!

Flour paint-we used in tub

Flour paint-we used in tub


What you need:

1 c flour, sauce pan with water, 1 cup cold water, food coloring, cups to put it in, paint brush optional.

Flour paint-we used in tub

What I did:  

the site did not really give good direction I thought. So from what I got from the site this is what I did.  I put water in sauce pan(forgot to measure) and heated til it boiled.  Had 1 c flour in bowl and added the boiling water.  I used a whisk to mix.  Then add 1 cup cold water.  After mixing I separated the mix into little plastic cups.  I added food coloring to each cup and mixed.  The paint mixture was so hot, it took a while to cool off for us to use.  When cool give it to the kids and let them have fun.

My baby has been a bit under the weather and was getting tired in the tub but he did enjoy getting messy with the paint.

Big brother had a blast smearing it all over.

Their masterpieces they made in the tub.  Great thing was after I just washed away the mess!


Hope your kid’s can have fun with this too!


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    I hope you can enjoy this with your family too!
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