Flower Craft for Kids

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I have seen a lot of fruit loop rainbows lately with St. Patrick’s day coming up. They look like a lot of fun for the kids and turn out really cute. Since we have already done most of our St. Patrick’s day crafts I wanted to come up with a different idea with the cereal. I went with a spring theme since spring is right around the corner.

I decided to let the kids make flowers from the cereal. A great springtime craft for the kids.

Flower craft for kids




What you need for cereal flowers craft/ supplies:


cardstock paper (I used blue)




Flower craft for kids


How to make:
I took the cereal and arranged the cereal into flowers on the papers. I then got out more paper and glue. I sat the blank paper in front of the kids. I showed them the flowers on the other paper and told them we could glue them to their paper and make them flowers. We talked a little about the cereals colors and shape. I helped my tot with the craft. Once he was done he got a blank piece of paper and got to put glue and cereal all over it. For my preschooler I applied the glue in the design of the flowers and let him add the cereal. Once he was finished had wanted paper and his safety scissors to cut. We left both pictures out to dry that day. That night I took markers and added a sun and grass. 

Flower craft for kids

The next day the kids saw the finished picture.  My preschooler said they were cool and my tot said “not like”.  My tot was not too happy to see his food go up on the wall as artwork,lol. I explained to him he had plenty of cereal left he could still eat.  However, I don’t think he was happy with my answer.  As the days have gone by he seems to be ok with it now.  

Flower craft for kids
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