Foil Painting: Sensory Art

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So I have seen a bit of foil arts and crafts (Picklebums has a fun one here) and decided to try it out with the kids.  Why not add a little extra fun to a rainy day.   This day was a light raining day with a few minutes here and there where the rain stopped.  What a great day to paint in the rain.  And why not go all out and make it a, sensory painting on foil in the rain kind of day.  It just all went together this day,lol.  I could not wait to see what the kids thought about this.
foil painting sensory art

Foil Painting: Sensory Art

When it is not storming over here my boys love to go out and play in the rain.  Since the birth of baby brother our rain days have been limited but this day it worked out great to get out while he was napping.  I wished I had photos of last years me 8 months pregnant, belly poking out of my too little rain jacket, splashing in puddles with the kids.  Memories I will cherish forever!  Ok back to the present.  This was such a simple activity to prepare and set up.  I love simple.  Being a mom of three high maintenance kids, as I call them, you do not have much time to prepare or clean up.  So simple and fun always work for us.  
Foil Painting: Sensory Art

Set up:  one picnic table lined with foil and homemade sensory paints to accompany. Add in a few paint brushes and let the kids have at it.
Both my 2 yr and 4.5 yr had a lot of fun with this activity.  My oldest probably would have put both hands in the paint and started smearing it everywhere but little brother had to come in and wash his hands when the paint got on him.  He was okay as long as the paint stayed on the brush,lol.  All kids are different   Either way, they both had fun with this activity.  After he came in once I set a bowl of water out for them to wash off their hands when needed.  

Foil Painting: Sensory Art
It wasn’t long before big brother turned the slide into his canvas   I love when the kids take over an activity to make it their own.  Since it was raining on and off it made clean up easy because the rain did the work outside for me.  I just had to clean the kids and the muffin tin.
Foil Painting: Sensory Art
Sensory painting in the rain was a first for us and I would say it was a success. A great way to let the kids explore and create on their own.  Getting to explore so many senses in one activity was a lot of fun for the kids.
As always we hope you and your kids can have some fun with this too.
Foil Painting: Sensory Art
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