Glitter Ice Painting

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Glitter Ice Painting
We have done ice cube paintings before and my boys loved it.   It has been quite some time since we last did it though.  With the weather starting to cool off I thought it would be a good time try it again before we have to wait till next year.  I hate to admit but I have had these fun glitter cubes in the freezer for months, lol.  Sometimes I just have too many thing I want to do with the boys and not enough time or they just may not be in the mood to do the things I have planned for them.  On those days we just go with the flow and we do the activity another time.    So today was the day for glitter cube painting.  When my oldest saw the glitter in the cubes he couldn’t wait to get started.  He was right under me as I tried to get set up.  I had plain colored ice cubes for little brother because he still likes to put everything in his mouth.

Glitter Ice Painting

What you need: 
colored ice cubes with glitter(optional), thick  paper( we used cardstock), hand towel or paper towels for quick clean up, and a bowl of warm water for the kids to put their hands in if they want to warm them up.  I have been wanting to try this with popsicle sticks in the cubes for the kids to hold on to but have yet to freeze the cubes with the sticks in them yet:-)
 Glitter Ice Painting
What to do: 
Put paper in front of the kids and give them bowls with the colored ice cubes in them and let them rub the ice cube over the paper.  When they are through let the paper dry out in the sun or for me I put them on my clothes rack in the house until dry. 
We now have fun pictures with great color and some extra sparkle from the glitter. As always we hope you and the kids can have some painting fun too.

Glitter Ice Painting

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