Halloween Playdough Recipes in 3 fun Scents

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It’s no secret, if you follow my blog, that we LOVE playdough.  I love making it and setting up invitations to play for the kids.  The kids love playing with it and are always happy to sit down for PLAYDOUGH.  I must admit I love to play in it as much as they do. However, I don’t always get to.  Often playdough is my go to activity for the older boys because they can play with it own their own while I clean, cook, try to eat a snack, lol.  With Halloween fast approaching and having been a while, it was time to make some new fun playdough for the kids.
Halloween Playdough Recipes in 3 fun Scents on FSPDT

Halloween Playdough Recipes in 3 fun Scents



I knew long ago that I wanted to make candy corn playdough for the kids when Halloween came around.  I love all things candy corn. I had plans to make playdough party favors for a class party for my son and his classmates for their help in a mini can food drive last month.  I chose to share our candy corn playdough with them.  I knew we would need more to keep at home so I set out to make 3 more batches.
I had colors planed out for the next 3 batches of playdough but no clue what else I would do.  I started looking in my baking pantry.  I quickly started finding things to add in to make fun scents.  Here is what I came up with.
My first: BLACK CHERRY glitter playdough.  I followed my trusty recipe here and then added my secret ingredient,  black cherry kool aid.  I also added black gel food coloring and dark pink glitter.  I was so excited when it was finished.  I loved how it turned out.
Now I moved on to Key Lime playdough for my second batch.  I found a packet of frosting flavoring of key lime and added it to my basic playdough recipe.  I also added a little neon green food coloring.

And now, last but not least, is my third and final batch(for now).  White Chocolate Raspberry Glitter Playdough.  This is my favorite. I made this with my basic recipe and added a frosting flavor packet and added purple glitter.  

They all smell so great.  I have plans to set the kids up an invitation to make playdough creatures like last year but haven’t gotten to it yet.  But we will.
Halloween playdough on FSPDT
I had to go ahead and share these new fun scented playdough with you all just in case I don’t post on our playdough creatures before Halloween is over.  There is never enough time in a day!
Halloween Playdough in 3 fun Scents
Our playdough monsters/creatures

Glitter & Scented Candy Corn Playdough by FSPDT

Ghost Volcanoes Halloween Science on FSPDT

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    I hope you can enjoy this with your family too!
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