Hot Wheels Painting

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I was inspired by this great post at Hands on: as we grow for using trucks to make paint tracks.  I set my son up with paint and brushes and hot wheels.  I showed him how he could make “skid marks”  ,something we had talked about the day before in the car after seeing a car accident, on his paper.  Of course like most kids they have their own ideas of what works for them with what they have.  My son went with the lets paint the hot wheels approach.  So our activity turned into him painting all the vehicles he has set out.  I love watching his little mind work.  Little brother woke up while he was playing and wanted to get into it so bad.  I chose not to let him.  My oldest 3 yr had a lot of fun with this activity and we have done it a few more times this week already:-) 

Hot Wheel Painting Activity for Kids

Hot Wheels Painting



 What we used/supplies:


We used crayola finger paint.  A few of the bottles were almost out so I just added some water to them.  They still worked!


What we did/ how to play:

Started out with a skid mark.  And then he was off to painting the car!  This is a great quiet time activity.  It is also easy to setup.  Clean up was a breeze because he wanted to “wash” his cars at the end.


He was having soooooo much fun!

He got the whole car!  This did wash off with warm soapy water.


On to the next car. Look who woke up, little brother!

Hot wheels painting activity for kids

He wanted to get up there and paint and get messy so bad. We had to go out so I was in a hurry to wash big brother up.  I hope to make some flour paint for little brother and let him play next time too.  Hope you and your kids can have some paint fun too.

This past post on a car wash bucket could be great for clean up.

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    I hope you can enjoy this with your family too!
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       All kids are different and only you can decide how you let your kids play. And with what materials you let them play with. My children are supervised when playing. Please keep this in mind with any post you read of mine!      
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