How to clean your washing machine

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I have been looking at my washer every time I put a load in(and that is a lot) and think this washer is nasty.  So when I came across a “how to clean your washer”, I decide to read it and then put it to use.  I follow this lady on pinterest and she is the one that posted it.  She has a great website.  This is the link

I do not have a front loader washer but she did post a how to on them also here is the link

 What you need in picture above.

This is what I did:  Take and put 1 Quart of bleach in your washer and fill with hot water.  Let wash about a min, then turn off and let set for an hour.  I went ahead and pulled my fabric softener tube out(I had no idea they came off!! NOTE THAT NOT ALL OF THEM DO, BUT MINE DID)  I took it to my sink and filled it with hot water and washed a little with a rag.  Then filled with hot water and left sitting in the sink.  I came back about 15-20 min later and continued to wash it out with vinegar and hot water until it was as clean as I could get it.  When the hour was up on the washer I went and turned it on a normal cycle.  When it was done I added one quart of distilled white vinegar to the washer repeated the same steps as with the bleach.  While the timer was on this time I got a scrubber, rag, and toothbrush and started cleaning the inside of the washer, the lid, the bleach cup, and the inside of the fabric softener cup that the tube I pulled out went down in.  I just used the vinegar water that was in the washer.  When I was done I turned the washer back on.  When the washing cycle was over, I now had a clean washing machine!!!



Hope this will help you out if you need to wash your washer!
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