Melty Bead Sensory Bottles

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We got lucky and Craftprojectideas sent us out a box of free craft supplies.  Included in it was melty  beads.  I just fell in love with those little beads.  And of course I want to find a few ways to use them.  Daddy and big brother just sat down the other day to work on a traditional melty bead craft and those are fun in themselves.  I wanted to try something else that was new to use.  Using them in a sensory bottle just sounded like fun.
Melty Bead Sensory Bottles

Melty Bead Sensory Bottles

What we used:
melty beads, funnels, trays and bottles.
What we did:
Melty Bead Sensory Bottles
My oldest boys are 4 yr and 2 yr.  I sat them at the table with the bottle pre filled with melty beads.  I got out a few funnels and trays.  I dumped the melty beads on the tray and let them have fun filling the bottles.  This was just one way we had fun with this.  Once the bottles were filled they now had a sensory bottle to look at.  These also came in handy as noise makers or music makers.  It became our homemade music entertainment.  I leave these up on the counter were the boys can not get them.  I did this because  unlike our usual sensory bottles we have made with water and glue, I did not hot glue the lids on.  By leaving the lids unglued we can use them again for fine motor skills practice while supervised.  I also have an 8 mo that I do not want to get hold of these beads.  You can glue or duct tape the tops on these bottles for young children to play with.  This has worked well for us in the past.
Melty Bead Sensory Bottles
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    I hope you can enjoy this with your family too!
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       All kids are different and only you can decide how you let your kids play. And with what materials you let them play with. My children are supervised when playing. Please keep this in mind with any post you read of mine!      
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