Ninja Turtle Cork Craft

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I asked my son one evening if he wanted to paint with corks.  He said yes quickly.  I wanted him to help make a few cards but he had his own vision.  He wanted a Ninja Turtle Cork Craft.  I love when the kids have their own visions for an activity or art project… I told him I loved his idea.  I set out to try and help him create his vision by giving him a few supplies and he was able to do just what he wanted.  Love how it turned out!

Ninja Turtle Craft for Kids



Ninja Turtle Cork Craft




What we used/supplies:


green paint


orange paper


googly eyes


black paper




pencil and a paper plate



What we did? How to make:


I took a paper plate and traced it on white paper with a pencil.  This gave him an area to stay in.  I put green paint on a paper plate with the cork.  Now he went on and made many stamp marks with the cork.  He filled in the circle.  I cut an orange mask shaped piece of paper out.  He told me to hurry because the wet paint would work as glue.  I pressed the orange paper down on the wet paint.


I did grab the glue for him to apply his googly eyes.  He insisted the turtle needed a mouth.  I cut one from black paper and he glued it on.


Ninja Turtle

Finally he had a ninja turtle cork craft.  I was so excited it worked out.  He was excited to have a ninja turtle to hang on the art wall.

Ninja Turtle Cork Craft for Kids



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