Paper Plate Monsters Craft

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So we have been enjoying a few monster themed activities over here lately.We shared with you all our Monsters, Inc.  Playdough Mikes and today we want to share our paper plate monsters.  Of course we made ours in Mike,s image but you can really mix this  craft up and have your own fun with it.
Paper Plate Monsters

My kids are Monsters, Inc. fans.  Big brother more than little brother.  But if big brother does it so does little brother.  So when we set out to make monster paper plates, big brother said Mike and Sully.   Well, I told him I can try a Mike but didn’t think I could do Sully.  So making monster Mike is what we did.
Paper Plate Monsters Craft
What we used:  
Paper plate, green finger paint(what we have), white paper, glue stick, paint brush, and blue marker. 
Paper Plate Monsters Craft

Since me and big brother had talked about the monster paper plate idea at night I told him we would work on it in the morning.  This worked out good for me.  It gave me time to make one to see if I could make a “Mike” happen.  

Paper Plate Monsters Craft
What we did:
I cut out a few pieces the night before when I figured out what I wanted to do.  Older kids could cut these out themselves.  I took white construction paper and traced a circle on it.  This became the eye.  I drew a blue circle in the middle of it.  I then cut out two triangles for the horns.  I cut 3 more smaller ones for the teeth.  That morning I gave the kids paint and paint brushes to paint their plates.  This was the really fun part.  They painted the plates and some paper.  Once the paper plates dried (we got busy that evening and waited to finish them the next am), the boys sat down with their green plates and glued the eyes and teeth on.  I had to help point out were to glue them to my toddler but my oldest did pretty good with his.
Now I think it would be fun to go back and make many more colorful and fun monster plates.  Saving that for a rainy day.  As always we hope you and your kids can enjoy this too.
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    I hope you can enjoy this with your family too!
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