Paper Plate Turkey Craft

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Once again the leftover craft supplies were put to use.  I had a few cut-in-half paper plates left over from our boat craft from transportation Tuesdays sitting in the craft closet.  I do not remember what it was in there for( it is also house to the broom and vacuum), and I saw the plates and thought “I need to use these up”.  I came back for them to make a paper plate turkey.  To start, I had no clue what kind of paper plate turkey we would make, but with a little thought, it all came together.  This was the perfect Thanksgivings day craft for young kids.  Easy to help make and each turkey got its own unique touch from the kids art work on the paper plate.
Paper Plate Turkey Craft by FSPDT

 Paper Plate Turkey Craft

Paper Plate Turkey Craft by FSPDT

What we used:

paper plates cut in half, crayons( you could use markers, colored pencils, paint….), glue stick, clothes pins, brown, orange, and red paper, googly eyes (we got ours from craftprojectideas they sent us for free in a goodie box)

Paper Plate Turkey Craft by FSPDT

What we did:

I traced objects that I found in the kitchen to make 2 sized brown circles.  I then cut out a beak and feet from orange paper.  Last, I cut out the red to go with the beak.

Paper Plate Turkey Craft by FSPDT

I let the kids color the paper plates to start while I worked on getting the rest together.  Next we glued the circles onto each other. Then we added the eyes and beak.  Now we glued the “turkey body” to the feathers (paper plate cut in half).  Last we glued the paper legs onto the clothes pins.

Paper Plate Turkey Craft by FSPDT

Now we had two fun and unique Paper Plate Turkeys to decorate the house with.  I took a photo to show you that the turkey stands on the clothes pins.  This craft was great for both my 5 yr and 2 yr.  My 1 yr (12 mo is a little young but an 18 month old or + would probably be able to help a little with this craft) will have to wait for next year to join in on the fun.

Paper Plate Turkey Craft by FSPDT
I just love how they both turned out.  I did little brothers with him first and it was the trial and error one.  However, I think they both turned out great and the boys love them.  When its all said and done if the kids have fun and enjoy their creation then it is a success at my house. 
Paper Plate Turkey Craft by FSPDT

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