Potato Print Witch Craft

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What to do when you have a bag of potatoes on the counter that did not get eaten in time, make print art!  We love simple arts and crafts at my house.  So when I realized the potatoes started sprouting I grabbed the paint box and paper and we got to crafting.  The kids and I are getting excited about Halloween coming up so we started with some fun Halloween inspired crafts.  We might have gone potato print crazy so check back to see what we share next.


potato print witch craft for Halloween

Potato Print Witch Craft

supplies witch craft


Supplies/what I used:


white cardstock


green paint


black and purple construction paper




orange yarn


googly eyes- thanks craftprojectideas.com for the eyes.




I really loved that we had everything on hand to make this fun witch craft.  I did not have to go out and buy anything.


To start I added green paint to a paper plate.  I cut a potato in half.  My son came in and pressed the potato dipped in green paint on the paper.  We left it to dry.


Of course the kids painted more with potatoes than you will see.  I did give them a chance to create their own art once we had a print to make the craft with.

witch craft for kids


Now that the paint had dried I came back and started trying to figure out what I would do to turn this into a witch.  I took the black and purple paper and cut out a triangle.  I used this for the hat.  Just cut to size how you want it to fit.  I cut smaller squares to use as the buckle. I cut up some orange yarn to use as hair.  And also cut out a black paper nose.  Now my kids came back and glued on the hair, the hat, the eyes, and the nose. Now we had fun, not scary, witches.  I even took the sharpie and added a few brooms and stars. We look forward to hanging these up on the art wall next month.


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