Pumpkin Spice Clean Mud- Fall Sensory Table

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Here is this weeks Fall Sensory Table for you with a fun Pumpkin Spice theme.  I have been dying to make “clean mud” with the boys forever.  So now was a great time to try it.  It was a perfect hands on sensory play material for one of our 4 fall sensory tables.
Pumpkin Spice Clean Mud Play Recipe

Pumpkin Spice Clean Mud: a fall sensory table

 pumpkin clean mud sensory play idea
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Supplies/What we used:
pumpkin spice
toilet paper
ivory soap

what you need to make clean mud
What we did:

We tore up a bunch (2 rolls) of toilet paper.  I also had a small bag of white tissue paper the boys tore up last year and we added that.  Then I added water to a measuring cup(think it was 4 cups).  To the water I added the food coloring and spices. I also added about a 1/4 a cup borax. While I did this my husband grated the 1 bar of ivory soap into the toilet paper.

I poured the mixture into the bin with the grated soap and toilet paper.  My husband and the older boys started to mix it up.

Little brother helped add more spices to make it smell just right.  It was great that we turned making clean mud into family time.  Even baby brother was there watching from his chair.

Once we got through playing  mixing up the pumpkin spice clean mud, we put the lid on it.  We left it overnight.
The next afternoon I got it out for big brother to play in.  Little brother was ill so he didn’t get to play in this sensory table.  He is doing much better now!  And we look forward to him making up playtime in our next fall table.
 pumpkin spice clean mud recipe fall sensory play idea
I often say simple isn’t boring.  And simple sensory table is the way I went with this one.  I added the clean mud to one side of our table and a few bowls and spoons to the other.  I also gave him a bottle of cinnamon to sprinkle for extra fun. He didn’t waste anytime getting his hands in the mud.  He whipped up my mom and  I some yummy pumpkin pies.
Do not forget to check back next week to see what fall sensory fun we get into.  We hope you can enjoy this weeks Pumpkin Spice Clean Mud as much as we did.

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