Scented playdough recipe and farm themed play

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I have one trusty playdough recipe I like to use when making my kids playdough.  We have made a few batches over the year.  We tried a new recipe at Christmas and were so disappointed.  I have been reluctant to try any others.  For this playdough I did add some essential oils for scent and I had never used oils before.  I know other people have but this was new for us.  And, I tried olive oil instead of canola oil!  The fun part was setting out a theme with toys for my son to play with.  He was really excited when he saw what I had set out for him and played for over 30 min with it all!  He said the playdough smelled like lotion and that it smelled good.  As long as he enjoys himself that is what makes it all worth it!  And I had 30 min to clean up the house while he played.   I made a yellow batch of playdough to tell him it was like hay to feed the animals.  I also gave him some sunflower seeds to feed the animals and play with in his playdough however he found fit!
Hope you can enjoy some scented playdough too.


Lemongrass scented playdough

Scented playdough recipe and farm themed play

Supplies/What you need :


cream of tarter










vegetable oil or similar


lemongrass essential oil or other favorite scent- we trust  Lemongrass Essential Oil By Young Living (5ml Bottle)


How to make:


I have an extra pan I use for playdough only.  When I got new pans I saved the old one to make playdough in.  The pan does come clean with washing so new or old pan should be ok.


Add 1.5 cups cornstarch to pan.  Next 1/2 cup of flour. Then 1 cup of salt.  Now 2 tsp of cream of tarter.  Next 1 TBSP of veg oil.  Last I add the 2 cups water with my yellow food coloring and a few drops of essential oils. 5 drops should be good. The food coloring poured out faster than I thought so we got a real dark yellow!


Cook on stove on med high heat until it holds together.  Let sit on a plate or wax paper to cool.


 How we played with our playdough:
I set my son up with a farm themed playdough activity.  He was thrilled!
 My 3yr smelling the lemongrass playdough.
Off to moving things around.  He added sunflower seeds to ice cube tray as juice for the animals.
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    I hope you can enjoy this with your family too!
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