Snowmen Counting Activity

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I bought this fun bag of snowmen marshmallows last winter and we never got around to using them.   So I decided not to trash them but use them in a fun learning activity for the kids.  My preschooler is learning to count and number recognition this year at school. I thought this would be a great time to set him up with a simple yet fun Snowmen counting activity at home.  We could count and go over numbers all at the same time.  I could also let my other kids jump in and try it out too.  These marshmallows could be used over and over for each other to take a turn. The snowman counting activity was an easy way to make learning fun at home with my kids.



snowman counting activity for kids

Snowmen Counting Activity



Supplies/what I used:


snowmen marshmallows


number flashcards






What we did:


I asked my preschooler to count out a certain number to start.  Can you count 5 snowmen?  He counted out 5 snowmen.  I found the number 5 flashcard to show him and asked is this the number 5?  After that we went on to counting by 2’s.  I would point to a number and ask what it was.  I would help him if he did not know.  Then he would count out that number.




There are so many ways to mix up this simple math setup.  Have them practice subtraction, counting by tens… The kids and I look forward to more learning fun at home in the future.

snowmen counting for kids


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