Easy Soap Dough Play Recipe

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Another fun play recipe as part of 12 months sensory dough!  This month I have an Easy Soap Dough Play Recipe to share.  This dough was a big hit with the kids. I love that I had everything I needed in the pantry to make it and did not have to go out and buy anything.  We added in a few play bugs for a spring themed sensory play activity with our soap dough.  I think the kids might have a new favorite sensory dough.



soap dough easy play recipe


Easy Soap Dough Play Recipe



Ingredients/what I used:


liquid dish soap


cooking oil


food coloring




spring playdough


How to make soap dough:


Add 1 cup cornstarch in a bowl. Next I added 1/3 cup dish soap, 1 tsp olive oil, and a few drops of food coloring.  Now mix all the ingredients up.  I started with a fork but ended up using my hands to mix.  The dough was a little dry so I added a few extra squeezes of liquid dish soap.  Now the dough was ready!


spring sensory play for kids


We made 2 batches of soap dough.  One green and one brown.  We grabbed some plastic play bugs and a few nature items to add to our soap dough during play.  My kids can never get enough playtime with rocks and sticks so they were eager to start playing.

bugs and soap dough sensory play


The dough was a fun moldable but crumbly texture.  The kids soon mixed both the green and brown soap dough together. We had used lavender scented soap so the dough also had a nice relaxing scent to it too.


soap dough recipe for sensory play


The  dough was a little messy.  The kids went to wash their hands after playing and noticed the leftover dough on their hands soaped up when washing.  This quickly started something.  They had to come back for a small piece of soap dough and went back to the sink to see if the dough would soap up again.  This gave me a giggle but I was so happy to see their little minds at work. So needless to say, playtime started back up again.  But this time by washing their hands with the soap dough.


We look forward to trying even more fun dough recipes this year but for now we are just loving this soap dough play recipe!

easy soap dough recipe


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