Super Easy Pumpkin Craft

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I haven’t found very many crafts lately to do with my tot so I was feeling a little guilty.  So today we made this simple pumpkin craft together.  Big brother also made one and enjoyed it too.

Super Easy Pumpkin Craft

What you need:  

paper plate, orange crayon, Halloween or fall stickers, green paper, glue, scissors for mom.

What we did:  

I set out paper plates with crayons for both of them.  The boys colored the plates.  Then I gave them stickers to put on.  We had the foam stickers so I had to peel the backs off for my toddler.  I gave him the peeled sticker and let him stick away on his plate.  My oldest was able to peel some of the backs off the stickers.  I think he got tired of peeling and just wanted mommy to do it:-)  I cut out the pieces of green paper to become stems for their pumpkins.  My oldest glued his own stem on.  For my tot, I glued his.  Both boys had fun and liked the craft they made.  When my mom stopped by later that day my tot had to make sure she saw his pumpkin hanging up on the door. 

Super Easy Pumpkin Craft
My tot having fun with the stickers.
Super Easy Pumpkin Craft
My preschooler enjoyed the stickers too.
Super Easy Pumpkin Craft

Very simple but also very cute.  I have them hanging on the door for added decorations.  We hope you and your kids may have some fun making these too.

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    I hope you can enjoy this with your family too!
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