Tablecloth Painting ~ process art

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My kids love paint.  They love paint even more when it is messy. One morning I set them up with a large invitation to paint. Tablecloth painting was a hit with both of my older boys!  This is a fun process art project for kids of multiple ages (my kids are 5.5yr and 3yr).  I can see us doing this again.
Tablecloth Painting ~ process art for the kids by FSPDT

Tablecloth Painting ~ process art

What we used:

plastic tablecloth

colorful paints

Tablecloth Painting ~ process art

What to do:

STAND BACK and let the kids take over.  I laid the tablecloths on the ground and sat the paint bottles on it.  The kids came over and took over to create their own masterpiece.

They shook and splattered paint all over the “canvas”.  This really is a great child led art activity.  I sat out basic supplies and they did as they saw fit.

Tablecloth Painting ~ process art

I let them use their own imaginations to create what they wanted for this art project.

Tablecloth Painting ~ process art

They also used their hands and feet to paint this morning.  Hands and feet on sensory play.

Tablecloth Painting ~ process art
“The only time I feel Alive is when I’m painting.” ~ Vincent van Gogh
Tablecloth Painting ~ process art

Some days are best spent painting until your hands are blue and your heart is happy ~ Jaime of FSPDT

Tablecloth Painting ~ process art for the kids

So, if you dare, grab a tablecloth and let the kids have some messy fun.  We did this on a cloudy day and the rain that came later washed the painting away.  We often paint and play with no intentions to keeping it.  It is the process not the product. Gosh, if I kept every project we ever did I would not have a clear room in my house.  If you want to make this a keepsake art project this should dry just fine.  You could also try a cloth tablecloth for this project.

We hope you can have a happy painting day too.

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