Wind Car

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 Excited to work with Kiwi Crate and Gymboree to bring you this post.

Have you heard about Gymboree and Kiwi Crate joining forces with Kaboom.  They are supporting active play for kids.  Kiwi Crate has come up with these fun craft boxes as part of it.  The craft box also has a coupon for Gymboree. We got a free Wind Car in the mail to check out.  My kids could not wait to open up their crate or box and get to crafting.  The wind car was just perfect for my boys.  Fun and easy to put together and lots of fun to play with.


Wind Car Craft for Kids





 Wind Car




Supplies as you see pictured above/what we used:


wooden wheels




lollipop sticks


Popsicle sticks




foam pieces with slits




sheets of color paper- super thin

how to make a wind car


How to make/ what we did:


The kit comes with step by step directions.  We just followed those.  The kids decorated the foam piece with stickers.  They taped a “sail” to a Popsicle stick.  After adding some clay and wheels they were ready to roll!




This craft kit was so cool because everything was already to go.  Do not get me wrong I love the crafts we do at home but often I have to search for things.  It was nice having it all in one place.



Once we had 2 wind cars ready it was time for some brotherly competition.  A race was in order.  We put both wind cars on the edge of the table and the kids blew the sails.  The cars started to roll. They did this over and over  again.  They had fun crafting and playing all with one craft crate.

wind car


Find out more about the Craft Box we got and how the money is donated to help kids play.  See Gymboree fun new Hop n’ Roll clothes line too.


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    I hope you can enjoy this with your family too!
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