1 to 20 Number Match Up Activity

My kindergartner is working on number recognition at school.  Not just recognizing the number 1-20 but also the way they are spelled and how they match up.  He is doing really well with the number recognition. He does have a few numbers spelled out he misses.  To help him practice I created a fun 1 – 20 Number Match Up activity for him.  He just loved this activity and even little brother sat down to watch and practice as big brother matched each number up.


1 - 20 number match up for kids


1 to 20 Number Match Up Activity


1- 20 number count activity for kids



Supplies/what we used:


 Cork board


little post it notes




number match up activity for kids

How to make:


I bought several packs of cork board squares some time back for a project.  We had a few left over and they have come in handy many times.  This was another one.  


 Take one cork board square and a sharpie, write out the numbers one- twenty.  I used a sheet of paper to try and help me keep it on one line.  A few of the numbers have more letters so the board is not completely “balanced” but it worked great for us.  I alternated blue and green to help differentiate between the words. Once all the words are written go back and add lines to separate more if you want. Ps: do not start falling asleep while writing the numbers if you want them all uppercase to start.  I had a moment on eight.  I wanted it Eight, lol. 


The little post it notes are the second part to the match up activity.  I wrote the numbers 1-20 on these.  Once I was through I mixed up the order but you could write them out of order too.  Whatever thought hits you first.  We had one spare left on the board and I put his post it notes there.

1 - 20 number match up game



Now he was ready to play 1-20 number match up!  He was excited to start.  As he whizzed through it with only hesitating for the few he didn’t know, he says this is fun mom.  The sticky may wear off but I see us using this board more than once to practice number recognition.   We also got out our number magnets to try and use too.  We would either need a lot more to make up the teens or just have to make them one at a time as called out.  That would be a fun way for us to use it next. 

number learning activity for kids


 Since I have 2 more younger kids I can see us putting this to use with them too.  I love finding a simple activity we can use over and over and all the kids can try it out at some point.








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