10+ Baby Play Activities

I thought it would be fun to look back at the few posts I shared last year with baby brother.  Seeing how he has grown over the year and in looking through the posts I realized I had yet to do a 10 Things kids love baby version.  So today I will be sharing 10+ baby play activities baby’s love!  
It is never too early to start playing as a baby.  Introducing tummy time, letting them follow objects/toys, exploring texture…  there are so many fun things babies can do.  As they can sit up and hold on to items, playtime gets even more exciting.  I am hoping this post will give you a few ideas for some fun baby playtime.
10+ Baby Play Activities

10+ Baby Play Activities

DIY Baby’s First {Safe} Finger Paints by FSPDT

DIY Baby's First {Safe} Finger Paints by FSPDT

Animal Texture Board: Teaching Baby About Animals Through Sensory Play by House of Burke

Sponge Bath Activity- easy and fun by FSPDT
Color Yellow Sensory bin for baby/toddler

DIY Baby Activity Box by Danya Banya


Baby Sensory Tray by FSPDT

Baby Sensory Tray

Tub toys + foam sheets= FUN by FSPDT


Gingerbread Bath Paint~ baby safe by FSPDT

Lemon scented ice cubes in the tub by FSPDT

Baby Play Knock Down Towers by Hands on as We Grow

Baby Play: Circles Treasure Basket by The Imagination Tree



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