10 Simple Ways to Spend Quality Time with Young Kids

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I chose to write on quality time.
10 Simple Ways to Spend Quality Time with Young Kids

Quality time is giving someone your undivided attention.

As a stay at home mom I spend all my time with my kids.  Well, I take that back, almost all my time with my kids.  Two of them are out of the house for a short time during the week. So I say all of my time, lol.  I truly enjoy having them home with me and they still say they love that mommy is home with them.  However, all this time we spend together day after day is not always quality time.  At least not my definition of quality time.  To me quality time is the time I get on their level and interact with them without distractions. All families are different and I believe quality time can be accomplished so many ways.  This may be different depending on the family.

A dream day would be playing non stop with my kids but unfortunately the laundry must be washed and folded, the baby must be changed and held, the bills paid, the dishes washed… you know what I am talking about.  I do try to make quality time for them everyday.  Quality time does not have to be an elaborate play set up or a new sensory experience. Often for us the basic things in life provide us with the best quality time spent together.    Since my kids are 1 yr, 2.5 yr, and 5 yr I usually have to find activities we can all enjoy together at one time.  Interacting with my kids through simple activities and letting all other distractions go is how I spend quality time with my kids.

Today I am sharing our Top 10 Ideas For Spending 
Quality Time With the Kids.


* Read a book – pick a favorite book or 2 and just read.
* Go for a walk – get outside and enjoy nature with the kids.
* Get in the floor – sometimes I just sit in the floor and we talk and they all take turns sitting in my lap.
* Share a snack – making an easy snack and then sitting down to enjoy it together.
* Hide and seek – a classic game of hide and seek is always fun over here.  Sometimes we mix it up and hide animals and toys to seek out.
* Let the kids pick a game or playtime activity they enjoy to share with you (my boys love driving hot wheels around and often want me to come drive them around too)
* Dance Party – we turn on the music in the living room and just dance!
* Blowing bubbles – getting outside and blowing bubbles is fun for all ages.
* Ball toss – grab a few balls and a basket and take turns tossing the ball.  Fun and working on gross motor skills.
* Drawing or mark making – sometimes just paper and crayons/markers are all we need.  Drawing or mark making is great for fine motor skills and always fun.
My kids love these activities but when I get down on their level and participate with them (letting all distractions go- the dishes, the laundry, the mess on the table…) it is a great way for us to connect and spend quality time together
 Click Links Below to see some of the above activities:

~Children’s Books



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