10 St. Patrick’s Day Things Kids Love

Its time for another 10 Things Kids Love.  For this one I will share 10 St. Patrick’s Day things kids love.  I love St. Patrick’s Day. Well, I really think I love most holidays .  I love having an excuse to have extra fun with my family.  I hope this list gives you and your kids something fun to do for the St. Patrick’s Day Holiday too.

10 St. Patrick's Day Things Kids Love

10 St. Patrick’s Day Things Kids Love


1. Rainbow Cereal Craft on FSPDT


2. Eating a Rainbow by the Iowa Farmer’s wife.
3..  St. Patrick’s Day Bath from In Lieu of Preschool
St. Patrick's Tricky Leprechaun Activity Bath
6..  Shamrock Shakers by No Time For Flash Cards
St. Patrick's Day Kids Party Game at B-InspiredMama.com
button cards, kids craft
 9.  Rainbow Shaving Cream Gold Coin Dig by House of Burke
10. Rainbow Sensory Collage by Crayon Box Chronicles
 Rainbow sensory collage activity for St. Patty's Day


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