10 things kids love when working on fine motor skills

So glad Sugar Aunts is guest posting for us today!  I love all of their fun ideas and know you will too.  Here are just 10 of them for you to look at today.  Be sure to stop by their blog to see some of the other fun things they share. 
10 things kids love 
when working on fine motor skills:

We are so excited to be here guest posting on Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.  Thanks for having us over!  We do a TON of fine motor activities in our house.  Being an occupational therapist, manipulating little pieces of toys and sensory items has been a daily part of my kids play since they were very small.  I wanted to share some of my kid’s favorite fine motor and pre-handwriting activities.

10 activities kids love when working on fine motor skills

10 things kids love when working on fine motor skills

In-Hand Manipulation Fine Motor Play helped us work on transferring small objects from the palm of the hand to the tips of the fingers (and back again).
Using Pipe Cleaners for Fine Motor Development was fun indoor play for varying ages of our crew…and worked on tip-to-tip neat pincer grasp (picking up very small items with the fingertips).
Pencil Control Worksheets You Can Make at Home was great for addressing pencil control and line awareness in early handwriting.
Fine Motor Play with Crafting Poms worked on index isolation and bilateral hand coordination (using both hands together in a coordinated manner)…and the bottles made a cool crinkly sound, too.
Pipe Cleaner Fun had us using that tripod grasp and talking about colors at the same time!
Rainbow Fine Motor Play used crafting pom poms and an ice cube tray.  My Toddler loooooved this one!
We made our own Lacing Cards from Carry Out Containers and worked on tripod grasp and bilateral hand coordination.
Table Top Tape Play was a great rainy day activity and helped us to work on neat pincer grasp and strengthening the aches of little hands.
Fine Motor Color Match was another fun activity that worked on strengthening of the arches of the kid’s hands, but also their manipulation skills as they wound the string around clothes pins.
Fine Motor Play with Tissue Paper was a great activity to develop the muscles of the kid’s hands as they crumbled tissue paper and pushed the colorful bits into bottles. 
We hope you are able to find a few new fine motor activities to promote and develop your child’s pre-handwriting and functional skills!
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 10 things kids love when working on fine motor skills
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