10 Ways Kids Love To Learn Their Name

Learning our name has been one of our projects we started late last year.  We tried a few of these activities to help us learn our name.  Now that we have the first name down, we need to move on the the last name.  I asked some fellow blogging moms if they had a few fun ideas for me to share on how to help kids learn their names.  This list is a few of our ideas and a  few of theirs.  I hope you and your kids can have some name learning fun with these ideas too.
10 Ways Kids Love To Learn Their Name

 10 Ways Kids Love To Learn Their Name

2. Name Stegosaurus by Toddler Approved
3. Alphabet Bath by FSPDT
4. Crayon Resist Art by train Up A Child
5.  Name Recognition Sensory Bin  by Creative Family Fun
6.  Create a name puzzle for your preschooler by Teach Preschool 

7.  String Scavenger Hunt ( For Name) by Hands on as We Grow 

8.  Toy Car Names by Fantastic Fun and Learning 
9.  Learning Names: Stamping Letters by 3 Dinosaurs   
10. Homemade Name Puzzle & Frame Tutorial from Sun Scholar by Creatively Content 
11.  Name Frames by FSPDT
12.  Name Bracelets by FSPDT
I was given a great list of name learning ideas when I asked my fellow blogging moms.  The ideas were so great it was hard to pick a list of just 10.  Because of this, I set up a name learning pinterest board to pin all the great ideas that were shared with me.  To see more name learning ideas follow the link HERE.
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