10 Ways my Kids love to learn


Happy to have Ticia here to guest post for 10 Things Kids Love this week.  I am truly enjoying the post this fab moms are sharing with us in this series!


10 Ways my Kids love to learn

10 Ways my Kids love to learn

1. Act it out.


Particularly with Legos.  If I can add Legos to a lesson, it’s a guaranteed hit.  Second on their list of things to act it out with their soldiers (this may actually be first).




2. Imitate it.




We studied birds 3 years ago.  I came up with a spur of the moment plan to imitate the mating behavior of certain birds.  They puffed out their chests and froze when a girl walked by.  We did this as a game then, and 3 years later they still ask to do it (apparently, I did not blog about it however).  Same thing with our tiger gamebeavers…….  You get the idea.




3.  Let them move.




My kids are kinisthetic learners, especially my boys.  If they can be doing something while they are reading, or listening, it helps their focus.  So actually measure out how tall is the Statue of Liberty and walk out your math facts on the driveway.




4.  Draw it out.




My daughter loves to draw.  I’ve joked about adding a line item for paper to our budget.  If she can draw what we’re learning about it becomes real to her.  So we draw in our animal reports.


5.  Watch it.
Find a movie related to your subject.  With Netflix and all of the other streaming methods you can watch a movie on almost any topic.  We studied the Depression, the Gilded Age, Tigers, Manta Rays by watching movies.
6.  Visit it.
Where can you go on a field trip?  Near our house we have a nature center, all of the animals there cannot be rehabilitated to the wild and are local to the area.  We’ve learned a lot by observing them, and from what we’ve brought that we’ve found.  What is in your area?  My kids love field trips.
7.  Take it on the go.
Sometimes completing our lessons in the same place is boring.  We change it up from time to time.  I put up a tent in our game room and we learned in there.  We completed science at a restaurant as we ate breakfast. 
8.  Write it out.
It’s fun to write from the person’s viewpoint or to write a letter to the character.  One of my kids’ favorite activities was writing a letter to their aunt explaining her cat’s behavior.  They proudly delivered it, and she enjoyed the mail.
9.  Read about it.


History and science text books can be boring.  Find a good fiction book about that period.  Or a novelization of a true event.  Some of our best picture book finds have been historical finds.  The kids love them.
10.  Play it.
Games, what games do you have?  My boys favorite way to learn is playing games.  They’re math fact skills have gone through the roof as we’ve played more games because they have to do the math quickly if they want to win and play the other games.  Think outside the box on games, what active games might you have?
10b.  Worksheets.
While my boys love games, my daughter would rather do a worksheet.  So be open to how your child learns.  I despise worksheets, and prefer open-ended activities, but my daughter likes having all of those check marks for right answers.
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