10 Ways To Play With Playdough That Kids Love

Do we have any other playdough lovers out here?  My kids and I love playdough over here.  It is our go to activity.  We love to have fun getting creative with it and my kids even love simple print making with their playdough.  Nothing better to them than a chunk of playdough and a few trucks and tools.  Since playdough is such a big part of our weeks I thought it would be great to get a round up of 10 creative ideas for how to play with playdough.  This list will give you a few of our ideas and several ideas from other brilliant moms from throughout the blogging world.  I hope at least one idea may inspire you to play with playdough too.
 10 ways to play with playdough that kids love

10 Ways To Play With Playdough

3.  Play dough pizza parlour from Nurture Store
5. Popsicle Fun with Play Dough from Seeking Shade
9.  Play Dough Portraits  from Sun Hats and Wellie Boots
10. Root Beer Vanilla Float Play Dough on Crayon Box Chronicle 
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