10 Ways to Play With Stackadoos Blocks

Excited to work with B. Toys to bring you this post.
So, if you follow along with us here, you know we love B. Toys!  I recently set out to put together a list of activities just for their Stackadoos.  So many fun ways to play with just one toy.  I hope you can find an idea or two to also enjoy.
10 Ways to Play and learn With Stackadoos Blocks on FSPDT

10 Ways to Play With Stackadoos Blocks

10 Ways to Play With Stackadoos Blocks

Stackadoos are fun bristled blocks great for multiple ages.  Just right for my kids.  My boys fall right in the 2-6 yr range.  I love when I can find toys they can all enjoy. Blocks are great for so many reasons.  They work on fine motor skills, creativity, help with languages, spatial skills, hand eye coordination,  problem solving, and team work if playing with another child…

10 Ways to Play With Stackadoos Blocks

We got out the Stackadoos (thank you B. Toys for giving them to us) and some colored paper to start.  From there, we started to find ways to play with them.

block faces

1. Make fun faces on the colored paper with the blocks.

Count and stack the blocks
2. Count and stack the blocks.
building with blocks

3.  Build with them, right?!

Color sort the block to matching paper
4. Color sort the blocks to matching paper.

Pretend play with block buildings

5. Pretend play with block buildings.

Paint or printmaking with the blocks

6. Paint or printmaking with the blocks.

7.  While painting, go over shapes of blocks.  Ex: square, rectangle…
Paint or printmaking with the blocks

I just love how the paintings, or prints, came out.

Paint or printmaking with the blocks

8. Go over larger and smaller with the blocks.
9.  Make patterns with the blocks. Ex: square, rectangle, square, rectangle.
10. Add to the bath for a fun, sink or float, experiment.
So many ways you can put these awesome Stackadoos to use.  I am sure you are already thinking of a few yourself.  Be sure to check back to see what we do next with our Stackadoos blocks.
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