20 Simple Science Experiments Kids Love

Simple science with my kids is so exciting.  I love seeing their faces as we try new experiments out.  I often have just as much fun as they do seeing the end results of our science experiments.  I recently went through and compiled all of our past science experiments into one list.  I have also added some more fun science experiments from other moms to this list as well.  So today I can share over 10+ simple Science Experiments Kids Love with you all.
20 Simple Science Experiments Kids Love

from us:

Ice Masterpiece- melting ice with kids

simple science melting ice with kids FSPDT

Floating Grape Science Experiment for kids

Milk Science Experiment~fun for young kids too
Sink or Float Sensory Sink { learning activity for the kids}

Celery and Food Coloring Science Experiment


Liquid Density Science Experiment

Pepper Science- Easy and Fun For Young Kids

From other moms:
Radish Experiment by All Done Monkey

Clouds in jars and on the table top too! by Teach Preschool

Easy Science: Water Drop Race by What We Do All Day
Water Displacement Activity by Happy Hooligans

Marshmallow Science Experiment-Color Change by Fantastic Fun and Learning


Ivory Soap Explosion & Exploration by Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas



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simple science for kids ice cream in a bag

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