5 Tips for Kids to Have a Good Nights Sleep

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I love a good nights sleep.  As a parent I need my children to have a good night’s sleep before I can plan on getting one myself.  If you are a parent then you probably know, if the kids do not sleep, you do not sleep!  I have 3 young kids ranging from 2-6yr.  I have so much fun playing, laughing, and learning with them each day.  We do have our moments in the day I could scream too.  Even after all our fun I hear the saying from this e card in my head come bedtime: ” My children’s laughter is my favorite sound! The sound of their deep breathing when I know they’re asleep is a close second.”  After a full fun day we are all worn out.  Now to get a good nights sleep. I believe having a great mattress is key to a healthy sleep. Here are 5 Tips for Kids to Have a Good Nights Sleep that work for us.
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5 Things that work for us to get a good nights sleep:


1. Routine- have the same thing happen each night.  Ex: dinner, play, baths, books, get in bed.
2. Lavender Bath– calming bath before bed is a must for us.
3. I do not have to be afraid spray(or magic spray)great for the older kids that are unsure of those sounds they hear at night.
4. Sing a song or play soft music- singing with or for my kids has always helped them drift off to sleep.  
5.  Great mattress- having the support they need for a good nights sleep is key.
5 Tips for Kids to Have a Good Nights Sleep
I want to share more on # 5 today in this post.  Having a great mattress and pillow is not only important for you and me but it is important for our kids as well.  We start out by getting them a crib mattress as infants.  The need to change the children’s mattress comes as they grow.  Mattress Firm can be there to help us along the way.  They have a great collection of mattresses for us to choose from.  They also have some great info to share with us as well.  See below links:
Remember mattresses need to be changed out every 8 years! And I had no clue pillows should be changed out every 2 years for children. It is great that Mattress Firm has beds/pillows for for us to choose from as the children grow.
Another thing we buy for our children are bed covers to protect the bed. We received a Lux Living Premium Elite mattress protector from Protect-A-Bed to try out on behalf of Mattress Firm for this post. The bed protector is comfortable, waterproof (big deal for our young children), has a dust mite barrier, and allergen barrier. Once you find the kids the right bed you want to keep it well protected.
Lux Living Premium Elite mattress protectors from Protect-A-Bed to try out on behalf of Mattress Firm
#crib2college #ad.
We also received Coconut and Lavender scented pillows from Mattress Firm to try out for this post. My boys quickly fell in love with the lavender pillows. They are lucky my husband and I just got a new bed and pillows from Mattress Firm this summer. I would have wanted one of these pillows. They are so soft and comfortable. The nice aromatic scent relaxes you and the air circulation helps keep you cool.
5 Tips for Kids to Have a Good Nights Sleep
We bought our children big kid beds once they went from crib to beds. My oldest boys share a bunk bed that fits full size mattresses. In 8 yr the mattresses may need to be replaced but the bunk bed, because it can be split into two full size beds, will still be a great fit for them.
Fun Facts:
*School aged children need 10-12 hours of sleep each night.
*On average, adolescents need 9 hours and 15 minutes of sleep each night to function well during the day.


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