7 Ways to Enjoy Science Outdoors

You might not think of Summer and Science in the same sentence but why not? You can go outdoors most days and any mess can easily be washed away by rain or hosed off if needed. Here are a variety of fun ways to enjoy science this Summer.

7 ways to enjoy Science outdoors

7 Ways to Enjoy Science Outdoors

Go Fly a Kite– You can talk about all sorts of great topics like wind speed, lift, direction, etc. Be sure to try your hand at making a homemade kite, attend a fly-in, or just grab your store bought kite for a try.

Catch Lightning Bugs– This age old tradition is super fascinating for all ages. I know some parts of the country do not have lightning bugs but if you are close to a field in the country you should see them. Lightning bugs communicate by flashing their “bulbs”. There are about 2,000 different species around the world.

Nature Hike– Pack a small snack bag, your water bottle, and hit the trails. Even a tiny tot will enjoy the treasures of nature. Our local paths are paved which makes them great for strollers and wheelchairs. Keep your eyes and ears peeled and you can see many things from birds to mammals and tracks to scat!

Establish an Outdoor Nature Table– I love nature and nature items but in the Summer that can mean bugs and bees. I created an area right outside our door for “treasures” to be left outside that we might have found on a recent hike or flower bed hunt.

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Plant a Garden- A great way to learn Botany and Nutrition at a young age is by planting a garden. If your kids are as picky as mine then planting a garden might be the thing to entice them to eat more veggies. We used free pallets to create raised beds which hold potato plants from some sprouted potatoes from the grocery store.

Make a Worm Bin for Compost– Do your kids love to dig and get muddy? Why not create a worm bin to house and feed worms that turn your veggie scraps into compost. They are pretty cheap and easy to make plus will allow your child to have a “pet” outdoors. Be sure to use your coffee grounds, tea bags, fruit peels, and newspaper as part of your compost materials.

Create a Science-on-the-go Kit– I hate leaving the house and getting somewhere to find we don’t have a magnifying box or glass to investigate something closer. You can choose the size of a container from the waterproof cases around your neck to a small tackle box the choice is yours.
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I’m sure if you take some time then you will be able to enjoy Science this Summer with your children just as much as I do!


Thaleia is a homeschooling mom of 4 ( three boys and one girl) very active and creative kids! Blogger at Something 2 Offer Country girl turned City Slicker yearning to move back to a small farm. Passionate about helping families homeschool while living on a budget.

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